Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hand woven scarves.
I had been waiting for some daylight to take photos of these. So, finally, here they are.
The teal & red is a "Swedish Rose Path weave" (took me forever) in merino & a blend, the blue-yellow-rust is an "undulating twill" in cotton, rayon & wool. The other 2 (mohair & chenille) are plain weaves.

Dyed yarns in fall colors & naturals (& some not so natural)...
These are some of the yarns that I dyed before my trip to India. I'm getting ready to take them to the farmers market. I feel like dyeing some more but it's too cold out!
  • The natural greys are Lincoln lamb spun from the fold & plied with sport weight merino.
  • The off-whites are non dyed South African Fine whites spun single & 2 plied.
  • The pinks are all South African Fine whites spun in different techniques - the pink on the extreme right is a 600 yard singles.
  • The blues in the basket are a mix of hand dyed Alpaca & Merino.
  • The lovely red, rusts, oranges & purples are hand dyed Alpaca.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

My mother.
Camp Wadachi Wadi near Pune 5 years ago. She's sitting & embroidering as usual. She's wearing a shawl that a friend of hers swapped for one of her embroideries. What I love about this image is that she looks like a gypsy!
Her blog is