Saturday, March 25, 2006

Spinning piece by peace.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if my spinning wheel broke or got stolen AND I COULDN'T GET ANOTHER ONE!
I would be off to the loony bin.
No wonder Mahatma Gandhi was able to reign in the passions of a nation in search for independence with the Charkha.
Here's what I've been spinning for my own piece of peace...and more can be viewed at

Monday, March 06, 2006

Things crafty people made using my handspun yarn!

Sally, another Etsy-er made this rich & textured scarf from the skein below. Her shop at Etsy is
She also crochets the most charming hats!

This post includes images of crafty, talented women who knitted beautiful things using my handspun yarn sold at
Included is an image of the original skein with the knitted goodies.
Here goes..

Sierra (a talented artist who sells on Etsy at purchased 'The Court Dancer' - a vibrant curly Mohair yarn & her mother made her a scarf from it - she's seen (jauntily) wearing in the image above! There's an artist wearing art. Her own work is fascinating.

Leslie, an artsy knitter - with a keen eye for color & pattern - made herself this fabulous hat (seen above) from a random tweedy yarn I had spun called 'Blazin Maroon'. She's ordered another 400 yards to make something else & I can't wait to see how that turns out! I LOVE the random striping in this had she made!!
Leslie's Etsy link is

Lisa, a knitter with a flair for techniques & textures made a lovely scarf (above) using a yarn I called ‘The Curls of Spring’. Lisa sells on Etsy at & her blog is
She also makes delicious hand-made soaps from home grown herbs.