Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tussah Project

I had a bag full of very raw tussah silk (full of dirt, dust, dead pupae bits etc.) that I decided I was going to process by my sweet self. Cleaning raw wild silks is a headache. Apparently it is very labor intensive. *sigh
By the time you've beat it on the ground (to scatter the hard dirt bits), degummed & rinsed it, dried it, cleaned it over again for the dirt that didn't come out the first time, carded it & spun it, you wish you could charge someone for the time!
Follow the arrows to see how I went about the process.
When all's said & done - raw silk is just plain beautiful. One can totally see why arty women in India prefer to wear raw silk saris & dresses. They just have so much texture, character & grace. The color itself reminds me of India. *sigh
I have a long tussah scarf my mother had gifted me. I love it so much more now. I plan to weave one soon.

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Michelle said...

I love the texture of raw silk. Saris are some of the most beautiful garments I've ever seen! It looks very work intensive but the results will be worth it.