Saturday, December 30, 2006

Favorite Etsy jewelry.

OK - here are some of my favorite Etsy jewellers.
The link to their shops are below the images of their handiwork.
These are just some of the examples of their work - their shops have more variety.








Monday, December 25, 2006

Mission - Hand spun raglan sweater

I'm too lazy & possibly too incompetant to knit myself a sweater like the white one below. However, i've hopefully spun myself a 2 ply yarn from the roving pictured below in the hope that I might find a super sweater knitting do-gooder to knit me a sweater that fits like this sweater - in the United States.
I also found a flexible pattern online at
I'd be happy to pay (email me at & we'll talk) or swap yarn from my Etsy shop or do both.
Any takers? :)

Anyone know where I can find a similar pattern for a raglan sweater?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Recent handmade aquisitions via Etsy!

I've been buying from Etsy & look at what I got!

Handwoven Scarf from
I have never been so much in love with a piece of handwoven textile! And I weave pretty well myself. Viviana is an artist if there was one! Check her shop out. ALL her work is unique & wonderful.
The entire scarf is alive with handmade beauty. The jewels tones in the yarn are just gorgeous.
It arrived from Chile in very good condition. It was quite a find & I shall treasure this piece.

Below: Over the Moon bucket hat by
I knew I had to have it when I saw it. The real hat has the same glow that the image has & it is wonderfully soft. The handspun yarn gives it beautiful character. Eileen has many other beautiful hats in her shop & she was a doll to deal with. A class 1 Etsy seller!!

Below: Hand crocheted (handspun) wool & Mohair hat from
Kathy is a very talented fiber artist. This hat had eveything in it that would attract a kooky architect. Abstractness, restraint in the use of color, bold motifs & a very beautiful, defined shape. I took it to work & eveyone fell in love with it!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

New yarns in Shop!

Announcing an update on Yarn Ahoy's Etsy shop – Monsoon Winds:

Superwash sock yarns in gorgeous new color ways – Merino & also the Tencel/Merino blend.

Lace yarns in Zephyr Silk/Wool & Superlamb.

Handspun yarns in thick'n'thin, tweed, worsted & novelty.

Email me at mayacrafts (at) gmail (dot) com to join the mailing list & get a 'new-member' 10% DISCOUNT on your first purchase of yarns!

Shop update!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Spinning in Color workshop with Patsy Zawistoski

Here are images of the control yarns & sample yarns from Patsy Zawistoski’s color spinning workshop -the one I attended at my spinning guild.
We did samples for several different kinds of yarns.

Even though I knew how to make many of the yarns Patsy’s technical advice & insight were great! She’s a wonderful teacher & knows things even experienced spinners could learn from revisiting. I really enjoyed the workshop.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wierd wizards, witches & gnomes!

Mine is the dismayed looking, geeky gnome in grey (3rd from right in the front row).
This was a fiber felting workshop organized at my spinning guild Clotho's Children by the wonderful & patient Linda. None of us poked our fingers once! This was my very first experience with fiber felting. And I think I've been bitten by the bug!
Clothos' has been my favorite monthly haunt in Richmond for well over 1 year. I think it just might be the best spinning guild in the world...
This photograph was taken by a guild member.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Still more new yarns in the shop!
Email me to sign up for the YARN AHOY mailing list & get a 20% DISCOUNT on your next purchase!The mailing list will provide updates to new yarns, fibers & deals available at my shop Yarn Ahoy!.

Making for Yarn Botanica

Lis of Yarn Botanica is soon to open an online shop called One Planet Yarn And Fiber & she has kindly asked me to send her some of my hand painted & handspun yarns along with some hand woven textiles to sell in the same shop.
Her online shop is still under construction but feel free to check out her blog for the updates of all the exciting things she plans to sell there!
Many of her vendors are international - Chile, UK, India etc.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New yarns in the shop

More yarns at the shop!
The update includes superwash sock yarns, Silk/Merino Zephyr-like lace yarns (1250 yards plus) and some worsted weight Baby Alpaca yarns & pure silks.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Finally! A mailing list for YARN AHOY!!

Email me to sign up for the YARN AHOY mailing list & get a 10% DISCOUNT on your next purchase!
The mailing list will provide updates to new yarns, fibers & deals available at my shop Yarn Ahoy!.
Please email me when you make your post-mailing list purchase, so I know to process the discount.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

THE AUTUMN BANDI - spinning for Fall

I've spun more yarn that'll knit up 'banded' like the scarf Sonia knitted from the previous skein I'd given her.
The middle skein is thicker than the other 2 - they total of 6 oz & 570 yards.
It's up on my shop.