Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Yarnahoy sock yarns at Yarn4socks!

New colorways of Yarnahoy sock yarns can be found at Donna & Valerie's online store Yarn4socks!!

Check them out here .

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Knitting Class & the "Rockingness of Knitting".

I'm taking a knitting class at Knit Happens - a lovely knitting store in Old Town Alexandria.
We have a cool teacher who jumps up & down & says "I made knitters! I made knitters!" and also uses terms such as "crocodile thing" in reference to casting on. Totally the kind of attitude that makes learning fun :)

Of course I don't remember her name & it didn't help that her name tag said "The awesome Rockingness of Knitting".

And it's bliss to be surrounded by all that yarn as well.
Below are pictures of the venerated teacher & colorful shop.

For those of you who live in Alexandria & haven't been to Knit Happens - do! It's a lively, cheerful place, the owners are very helpful & fun & they have a cozy little corner where you can snuggle up to knit over the weekend. Their shop is also close to lots of interesting places to eat & food features a lot in the conversations there, i'm told.

I can't wait for the next class!

Monday, October 15, 2007


The winners of the Yarn Ahoy competition are:
TASHA - First place. Tasha would like to share her prize with Rosi since she liked her entry very much. Here's a sport!
Sonia P - Runner up.

Thanks to everyone for participating!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Art on the Avenue 2007

For those of you who live in the Alexandria/ Del Ray area in NOVA, Art on the Avenue is no stranger.
Same time last year it was freezing! The hot chocolate stands did very well. However the weather didn't completely dissuade visitors & shoppers.
But this year it was great (huge attendance). I was so impressed!
All the pictures taken were of artists & objects at the festival. The photos of articrafts are not at all representative of what I saw there. There were lots of potters, jewellers, soap makers, musicians, chefs, weavers, sculptors, knitters and others. And many many people.
For those of you who can set up shop at 'A on the A' or are thinking about it, give it a shot!

I also met a lot of artists who had heard about Etsy through the "Crafty Bastard".

Above: Etsy's own Tasha McKelvey! I've purchased beautiful earrings from her tashamck shop. It was good to see in person an artist I admire.

Above: Photographer Steve Miller. Her was selling his prints. His portrait work was impressive. I'm hoping to take his class soon.

Above: The chicken juggler. He was very popular with the kids. "And don't forget to give me some money".

Above: The soapmaker. I bought a ton of stuff from him. He & his mother make lotions & soaps. I was impressed at the subtlety of the essenses they used. Just look at that smile.

Above: An artist in her stall.

Above: A basket & gourd stall. Sorry about the picture. It was really crowded here.

Above: A Bonsai stall. I saw many people walk away with these. My mother has a zillion Bonsais & only the truly obsessed can care for them regularly.

Above: There was a lot of pottery being sold here.

Above & below: A jewelry artist & her husband.

Above: Musicians playing. They were good - had drawn a huge crowd. There were at least 3 separate bands playing here.

Above & below: Young musicians trying out instruments for sale.

Above & below: Very original printed Ts.

Below: A weaver & her work.