Saturday, March 25, 2006

Spinning piece by peace.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if my spinning wheel broke or got stolen AND I COULDN'T GET ANOTHER ONE!
I would be off to the loony bin.
No wonder Mahatma Gandhi was able to reign in the passions of a nation in search for independence with the Charkha.
Here's what I've been spinning for my own piece of peace...and more can be viewed at

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Desiknitter said...

Hi Manasi,
The photo # 4 in this post (two skeins of a deep lilacish colour): are those skeins still available? I am looking for some worsted weight wool in handpainted colourways of blue-purple-burgundy for a Clapotis: so I would need about 600 yards. It's for a friend who likes softer shades and some of your "river of silk", "spring comes to sikkim", "lavender marigold", "streets of rajasthan" all are gorgeous!! you have a stunning eye for colour. If you have something like this or will be dyeing and putting up something like these shades in worsted merino (not thick and thin, though), could you please drop me a quick email? I'd appreciate it. I'll also keep checking on etsy. thanks!