Thursday, March 29, 2007

The neck warmer & the magic garden!

Below are images of a neck warmer my friend Gauri made from the yarn I gave her while she was visiting me last summer. I had spun & dyed the yarn earlier.

Gauri knits fast & keeps to small projects. She picked up knitting by herself & follows patterns much better than I do. The neck warmer pictures were taken by Gauri.

I love the slubbiness of the yarn in the neck warmer!

Before Gauri visited me, I had visited her in Philadelphia in 2005. We visited Isaiah Zagar's 'magic garden' on South Street. I was SO blown away by it. He's transformed the neighborhood over the past many years with his mosaic murals. The mural photos were taken by Gauri & me (not sure who took which).

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Suzanne said...

The garden and neck warmer look GREAT! the buttons really work with it.

I finished the socks from your hand-dye! My sister had admired them and I gave them to her--she wears them all the time. THIS is the girl who will not wear wool and thought that she would NEVER wear a pair of wool socks. QUITE and accomplishment!