Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hooray for the handspun sweater!

Ages ago I went looking for someone to knit me a sweater out of my handspun yarn. And I found them. Michelle's grandmother Patti in Florida was kind enough to knit me the sweater which is a ribbed Raglan.
Michelle has an Etsy shop called OakGroveAlpacas where she sells yummy Alpaca roving, home grown yarn & hand knit/woven items.

Below are pictures. The yarn striped in subtle stripes. I spun the yarn for the sleeves so that color repititions were shorter. One of the plies was the dark brown corriedale & the other alternated with different colors & blends. The result being stripes of different colors & textures.

Above: pre-drafted rovings made them easier to spin.

The color rovings with merino, silk on the left bobbin (lots of blue here) & the brown corriedale on the right.


Abby Franquemont said...

That came out beautifully! I agree, hooray!

(came here from your post at Knitter's Review)

michelle said...

A beautiful sweater and beautifully spun yarn as well, someday I plan to spin enough yarn to make a sweater, did you blend the fiber yourself?

regiknits said...

That is so gorgeous. I am just about to learn to spin. I am still waiting on a mail ordered spindle. I hope that one day I will be able to make such beautiful yarn.

shama said...

Manasi!!Your yarn ir just wow!!Such a mysterious colour,so deep & intriguing!!I want steal the do I do it??