Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Knitted from Yarnahoy's yarns

 I stopped dyeing yarns in early 2008 so I could set off for India & follow a dream. Almost 2 years hence, on a whim, I ran a search for "Yarn ahoy" on Ravelry. Below are pictures of what I found. I'm so delighted at the beautiful projects knitters completed with my hand dyed yarns!
Please note that the images below belong to the people who shot them.
Hope you all have a wonderful New Year :)

LynneM's Flower Basket Shawl, II Colorway: Tales of a Desert

Guinifer's Pomatomus. Colorway: Chocolate cherry.

cathou's Garden Party Shawl. Colorway: Chocolate Razberri

teopea's Pomatomidae. Colorway: Koyla

ChicaFeliz's Secret Shawl KAL. Colorway: Desert Song.

agentscarlet's Baracchus Socks. Colorway: Silver oaks.

KnittingNutter's Cable Beanie. Colorway: Eye of the Iguana.

thedailypurl's Spider's web shawl. Colorway: Chocolate Cinnamon


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