Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hand woven scarves.
I had been waiting for some daylight to take photos of these. So, finally, here they are.
The teal & red is a "Swedish Rose Path weave" (took me forever) in merino & a blend, the blue-yellow-rust is an "undulating twill" in cotton, rayon & wool. The other 2 (mohair & chenille) are plain weaves.


Pugknits said...

no kiddin?! you made these?

karen said...

thank you for commenting on my blog! and more than that - for directing me to your magically beautiful yarns!! I'm amazed and so impressed by your work! The colors - the textures, the weaving - fantastic!

Dan said...

These weavings and yarns are quite amazing. You have a really good sense of both color combination and use of texture. I look forward to future visits!

Marji said...

Beautiful work. gorgeous colors and textures.
Thank you for visiting my blog too. Do you have a knitting pal to knit up some scarves for you? Your yarn is just lovely.
And don't you just love Marguerite Davisons Handweavers Pattern Book? I'll have to get some more pics of my weaving up for you to see. I hear you on the mohair in the warp. Never, not never again!.
However, I did visit a prolific weaver in Wisconsin who has a studio in Door County, and she was weaving with mohair in the warp - she said the key is to give it lots of space - very loose sett, interspersed with some smooth fibers to cut down on the sticking.

yarnahoy said...

thank you. i look forward to your visits & comments!

yarnahoy said...

i have a knitting buddy. i don't know if she'll want to take on lace for me but i'm going to ask!
thank you for your visit :)

Marji said...

oh, sorry, your comments come directly into my email.
my email is mlweaving at earthlink dot net. (and I wrote it that way to prevent those scamming spammers from picking it up in their random searches of blogs. Thanks,

LittleMissMeshell said...

All I can say is WOW...Absolutely GORGEOUS.