Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rusts, Greens & Lisa.

Lisa, whose an avid knitter & recently returned from Bosnia & Serbia had bought hand spun yarns from me past winter.
When she sent me the images of what she's made from them, it occured to me that she may have been in a specific color mood!
One is a long scarf that she made from a beaded yarn & the other is a neck warmer she made from a "Mohair locks" yarn I had spun.
These are gorgeous Lisa!! I cant wait to see the finished 'Rusts' shawl you've been talking about on your blog. Hurry already! :)


natasha said...

your yarns are so pretty! i saw a post on knitter's review and i wondered about the swifts that you mentioned...

are your sock yarns louet? gorgeous!

Lisa said...

Hi Maya,

Just wanted to let you know that both of these items have sold from my shop. I'm sure you're blog had something to do with that.

Blessings my friend, Lisa