Monday, December 25, 2006

Mission - Hand spun raglan sweater

I'm too lazy & possibly too incompetant to knit myself a sweater like the white one below. However, i've hopefully spun myself a 2 ply yarn from the roving pictured below in the hope that I might find a super sweater knitting do-gooder to knit me a sweater that fits like this sweater - in the United States.
I also found a flexible pattern online at
I'd be happy to pay (email me at & we'll talk) or swap yarn from my Etsy shop or do both.
Any takers? :)

Anyone know where I can find a similar pattern for a raglan sweater?

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Suzanne said...

Good idea! I am not the knitter for you, though I did knit a sweater out of handspun once and it was FABULOUS!