Saturday, June 23, 2007

Etsy acquisitions over the past year!

Above: from starrydesigns . I like her designs - simple & elegant.

Above: earrings from MetalGardenFactory . They have very unique hand formed jewelry.

Above: Rosemary & Cedar lotion from bcbotanicals . Brew City Botanicals keep the most amazing lotions. My other fav is the orange blossom. These are great for dryness & I love the scent of all they have.

Above: custom made necklace from Amysjewelry . This one I had to have. The panels are attched thru' 2 half links but move independantly!

Above: RedCrowArts is one of my favorite ceramic pendant maker! Love her glazes.

Above: this pitcher I purchased from PhenixPottery is large & sits in my bedroom as bearer of my water supply. I love the glaze & it's very light for its size.

Above: this gorgeous piece was custom made for me by laurenmojica . She does beautiful work, a lot of it is metal.

Above: earrings from KrisCrossDesigns . I wear these often. The one on the extreme right is one of my favorites.

Above: Earrings from jNicDesigns. Her photos are as beautiful as her work.
Above: a pendant from ExoticEarthStudio. They have a vast collection of handmade pendants.

Above: pendants from TheDevilsCloth . Her work is simple & bold. I love the restraint in color.

Above: a Calla lily pendant from eva666 . Each time I wear this I get compliments :-)

Above: Necklaces from theartfulobject . Her sense of proportion & color are rare & very desireable.

Above: earrings from almapottery . Another 'compliment magnet'.

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Anonymous said...

All of these pendants are so gorgeous. Thanks for shopping with me (thedevilscloth). I am going to link you up on my journal blog under shopping (countrygirlcitylife). Love your blog!