Saturday, June 02, 2007

New socks by Suzanne!

I used to knit (or struggle to) with a great group of knitters in Richmond, VA.
Suzanne was one of them. For the longest time I found it hard to beleive she had little girls (she looks like she's 17).
Suzanne had purchased sock yarn named "The valley in Spring" from my Etsy shop & she's completed socks in the Monkey pattern. I love the way the stripes look on the sock.
Picture is on her blog knitzanity.

Below is an image of the sock yarn she used:

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Suzanne said...

And for the record, I LOVED knitting these socks!!! And my sister STOLE them from me, this from the girl who said she would never wear wool because it is too itchy. This wool is super soft, even for a princess like my sis.

The colors are amazing; she says she gets compliments on them constantly.

Brilliant yarn!