Sunday, October 21, 2007

Knitting Class & the "Rockingness of Knitting".

I'm taking a knitting class at Knit Happens - a lovely knitting store in Old Town Alexandria.
We have a cool teacher who jumps up & down & says "I made knitters! I made knitters!" and also uses terms such as "crocodile thing" in reference to casting on. Totally the kind of attitude that makes learning fun :)

Of course I don't remember her name & it didn't help that her name tag said "The awesome Rockingness of Knitting".

And it's bliss to be surrounded by all that yarn as well.
Below are pictures of the venerated teacher & colorful shop.

For those of you who live in Alexandria & haven't been to Knit Happens - do! It's a lively, cheerful place, the owners are very helpful & fun & they have a cozy little corner where you can snuggle up to knit over the weekend. Their shop is also close to lots of interesting places to eat & food features a lot in the conversations there, i'm told.

I can't wait for the next class!


knittish said...

Hi there! I'm de-lurking to say that I'm so glad you enjoyed that fun class with Kelly. She's truly a rockstar of awesomeness! =)

Kel said...

I made knitters! And they blogged about me! Yay! :D

yarnahoy said...

All right!
My teacher found me :-)
I've been good & have been practicing.
One of these weekends I'll be finding my way back to KnitHappens with questions!