Monday, March 07, 2011

Braided head band

So I finally finished knitting the braided head band.
I loved this pattern when I saw it! I’m pretty much a beginner but when I read the pattern I knew it was within my grasp.
I used my own hand spun yarn from this roving

The yarn isn’t as thick as what the pattern called for, so I used a 7mm needle. The scarf turned out slimmer & less bulky than what the original seems to be but it fits well & I love it. I used buttons on this one for the custom fit but might make another without buttons.
If you’re using a thinner yarn, like I did, I recommend adding 2 more stitches to the CO & incorporating them in the cable. So it would be C10B and C10F and P14 instead of the usual. Also, doing a sl 1 (purl-wise) instead of knit-wise, creates a nice, neat edge but takes longer overall (from all the YO you have to do.

Pattern on Ravelry:

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