Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Simple triangular shawl

I recently blended some dark brown wool with a taupe angora rabbit fur I had stashed away for a long time in my parent's place in India.
A little background - I was in India for work recently & while I was gently rubbing the angora in a cloth bag to de-hair it, a friend who had come by offered to help. I took up his offer immediately with a 'do like I did', thinking of all the useful things I could do with the extra time (check email, call the plumber). I came back out after 15 minutes to the horrific sight & sound of the bag being beaten against a wall. "It de-hairs a lot faster this way", he said. "Very good", I said, my mouth already dry & my palms sweaty, "you must have done a great job".

Needless to say, all the angora was now a stubborn clump. Very soft (because it had been de-haired right & proper), but a felted clump. I wanted to slay the dude who'd 'helped' me but I weakly made him some tea instead.

I spent the next two days ripping that clump apart & blending it with the brown wool & then spun it up in a tweedy, nubby yarn of about 3.2oz in heavy fingering/dk weight.

A few weeks ago, I came upon this lovely pattern on ravelry by Laura for a triangular shawl & thought it would work well. Mine is more of a kerchief scarf. So, I knit it up and here are the pictures!

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