Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Maryland Sheep & Wool Pilgrimage.

The shawl above knocked me off my feet. Every single yard of lace weight in there was hand spun on a spindle! Click on the image for a better view. I think it won best of everything cos it was covered in ribbons. Apparently the winner spun specific lengths of colored yarn so she didn't have to stop & join anywhere. It was gorgeous. Ofcourse there was no touching allowed.

I want to knit a sweater like this! All thick & thin (worsted to bulky). It looked so beautifully textured. I love how it ribs. The size was for a young person.

Some lucky booger's ma or grandma handwove this entire beautiful blanket for them & then put adorable crocheted animals on the border!

This was a kind of cloak/poncho/shawl (?) Amazingly detailed felted work & needle work on it!

A hand spun sweater. I tried to get a detailed shot so you can see the different kinds of yarns used. The colors were natural & lovely.

The weather was gorgeous & I could barely stop myself from jumping all over the fiber goodies! I stuffed my face with strawberry ice-cream & country style french fries & my car with giga tons of delicious raw fiber to spin.
OK. Enough about me.

The kaleidescope shawl in particular almost caused me to pass OUT! If Anne Grout (i think) of State College, PA had been present there, I would have fallen at her feet & begged her to take me in as a pupil for life.
Another favorite of mine was the hand spun thick'n'thin sweater in cream & dark brown.
The rest were fabulous too.


Charleen said...

Thanks for the pictures. I didn't get to go to MDSW this year and that's the part I like the best!

Mary said...

I too drooled over that gorgeous shawl - I snuck a "feel" and it was as fine as cobwebs. Just amazing.

vanessa said...

thanks for the photos, they are lovely!

Say said...

Thanks for stopping by, and wow, I'm amazed by your photos from the MSDW too!

The gauzy technique you inquired about is called 'leno'. It's not that hard at all. I think you might be able to find it under gauze weaves in certain weaving books.

Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. I had only three hours at the show and it wasn't NEARLY enough time to see everything and do a bit of shopping too.

Say said...

*in reply to your comment*

Definitely. I photocopied my leno instructions and I would be happy to scan and e-mail them to you when I get home. Because it's a supplementary warp techniqe, it will work on any loom, with any number of shafts.

I'm still really a beginner and t's great to meet other weavers!

angelique said...

Thanks for sharing. The pictures are great! I've never been to a show fiber or spinning related like that. I'm looking forward to one in August in Calif.

allegra918 said...

Holy Crap that shawl is incredible! I like the intrelac sweater as well!!