Saturday, May 06, 2006

Renee knits with my yarn.

Renee, a talented Canadian photographer & fiber artist had purchased yarn from me some time ago & sent me pictures of what she made with them. Right now my head feels swollen the size of a water melon! I love the bead-work she incorporated in the scarf first from left!

Renee’s very unique photography may be viewed at
I admire her composition.


Jenny said...

Hi! Just saw your knitters review post about dying cotton-lycra sock yarn... where did you get the yarn to dye?


Penny said...

Hi, I was also wondering where you get your cotton lycra sock yarn for dying?

yarnahoy said...

Hi folks, sorry about the delay. A friend of mine from my weaving class who was a production weaver left me some cones of the cotton yarn before moving to where her daughter is. Someone else asked me to look on the inside of the cone & see if there was anything written there but there isn't. The lady who gave me the yarn is recovering from a stroke. So as of now i'm not aware of the source but will be sure to let you know when i am.