Friday, September 21, 2007

Lacy Mock Cable Socks by TASHA - "bijouxmaster"

1. Name: Tasha - "bijouxmaster"

2. Colorway: Berry Beautiful - I think. This was a gift from a secret pal

3. Pattern: This is the pattern I used (great pattern, btw) - Lacy Mock Cable Socks

4. Inspiration: Secret pal gift but she bought it for me because pink & green are my favorite colors. Honestly, this pair of socks made me fall in love with socks (my 3rd pair)

5. Problems encountered: No problems. They are fraternal twins which I LOVE & the slight pooling that I encountered was welcome

6. Optional: Um, I really don't wing it. I'm a follow-a-pattern kind of girl. The only rules I have in sock knitting is no stockinette plain jane socks & no solid socks. I'll pair a varigated / striped yarn with a busy pattern & that doesn't bother me in the least. No boring socks for me please!

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