Friday, September 21, 2007

Autumn Jewels scarf by SONIA P

1. Your name or preferred handle.

- Sonia P

2. Name of colorway used:
Rajasthan (No photograph available)

3. Pattern used or name of your project
- “Autumn Jewels” – The pattern is my own and it is a simple garter stitch, instead of using complex knit patterns for the scarf, thick and thin knitting needles were used to create the pattern. In order to emphasize the color and texture of the beautiful yarn, I decided to underplay the pattern. The yarn was thick & thin and so were the knitting needles.

4. Inspirations & what drew you to the color:
- Mina Kari (enameling on gold jewelry) and the colorful attire of women folk in Rajasthan was what drew me to this eye catching warm colored yarn.

5. Problems encountered (and creative solutions for the same):
- The yarn was a little too thin at certain places and broke, but I used the simple trick of overlapping and it looks great.

6. Optional:
- I am not a knitter, just learned this back in high school. The varicolored exquisite yarn compelled me to pick the needles and just start…and the result is here.


Tessa said...

What's the yarn, Sonia ? The colourway is well-named. And very beautiful.

yarnahoy said...

Hi Tessa,
Sonia bought the yarn from me some months ago. It was fresh off my spinning wheel & I had not even taken a picture of it.
The fiber is South African Fine Wool (very soft like Merino).
Hope that helps.