Saturday, September 01, 2007

At long last - a YARNAHOY competition with yarn prizes!

Entries submitted so far:

1. Fair Isle Socks by Isobel

2. Fuego Socks by Rosi G. aka The Soapy Knitter

3. Knitting Pattern-a-day calendar, Koigu beaded bag by KnitterEvans

Jaywalkers by Grumperina (Chocolate & Sour Berry colorway) by knittingb

5. Jaywalker Socks by Julie Hentz

6. “Autumn Jewels” thick and thin scarf by Sonia Punjabi

7. Lacy Mock Cable Socks in "Berry Beautiful" by Tasha Duvic

8. Lightweight Socks in 'Mt Vernon Avenue' colorway by Tia

9. Anastasia Socks by MintyFresh in 'Old Earth' colorway from Peachy

- All entries will be uploaded on the 24th of Sept 2007

OK folks! Here's a little competition for anyone who may have used Yarnahoy yarns.
Send in jpeg images (to of projects made from Yarnahoy yarn (sock or lace) with:

1. Your name or preferred handle.
2. Name of colorway used: if you don't remember the colorway, I'll be happy to help you find it.
3. Pattern used or name of your project: if these patterns are your own or you bought them, the name is enough (please give due credit to the original source). If you want to share your own pattern- send the whole thing in!
4. Inspirations & what drew you to the color: these could be places, food, people, books/stories and songs.
5. Problems encountered (and creative solutions for the same):
Example 1 - the yarn pooled at the start & you made intelligent adjustments to the number of stitches cast on to alter the pooling to a more even or different appearance.
6. Optional: Any additional info related to the project that sets you apart as a knitter who can 'wing it' & be creative like it was second nature!

There will be 1 First place & 1 Runner up!
-- The 1st place wins any 3 skeins of any 3 colors (or one color if they want) from the charts shown below.
--The runner up wins any 1 skein from the charts shown below.

Important Criteria:
The photos should be clear. I will take them all but please realize that voters can't see the real thing & the better your photo, the better your chances at winning!
Clear/concise descriptions are also helpful.
Other criteria may be added for the ease of handling entries.

Entry submission, display & mailing timelines:
Upto 2 entries maximum allowed by all those participating.
Send in entries anytime starting today. However, the submission date ends on midnight of September 20th 2007 (EST). No entries will be accepted after that. The entries will go up on this blog on the 24th of September 2007 - that's when the poll box for voting will be placed on the blog. Results will be declared on the 15th of October 2007 - voting will stop on midnight of 14th October 2007 (EST).
Prizes will be mailed on the 29th of October 2007.

Judging process:
People will vote! Everyone gets to vote only once - so choose carefully. Anyone can vote. This includes visitors, friends and family. A poll box for voting will be placed on this blog with headings of entries & names/handles of artists. Votes will be anonymous. Comments on/about all entries, are welcome and could help voters make a better decision but comments will not count as votes! Only the poll box can be used to vote.

Disclaimer - please read:
Please be aware that this competition will be part of a general creative exchange. Many visitors will see your entries on display and will be allowed to comment/vote on them (these comments will be moderated for offensive content).
Yarnahoy is not responsible for the images sent in by others or descriptions displayed on the competition post. Please give due credit to the creator of the patterns/designs if they are not your own. Copyright is your responsibility.

If you find your image/description has descrepancies, it's your responsibility to send me a corrected version. I shall not be modifying any of your submissions - only uploading them.
Color choices available for winners are only from the charts below.
The decision of voters using the poll box on the blog will be final- comments do not count as votes - only the poll box can be used to vote.
Timelines specified are final.

Color Charts are below. Click on the charts for a larger image.
Yarns reproduced for the winners may have slight variations from images (since they are handpainted). The first 3 charts are for sock yarns, the next 3 are for lace yarns.
Questions? Email me at

3 charts below are for sock yarns.

3 charts below are for lace yarns.

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