Friday, September 21, 2007

The YARN AHOY competition!

Thanks to all the knitters who sent in beautiful pictures & descriptions!

Voters: Please use the grey vote box titled "YARN AHOY Competiton" to vote. Only one vote is allowed. Please choose carefully.
Please take the time to read the competition details/rules here.

Mozilla Firefox users will find the vote box immediately to the right of the post.
Internet Explorer users will have to scroll down to the end of the page to find the vote box (sorry, Internet Explorer doesn't like the blogger format).

Every entry has it's own special post. Voters/visitors can comment on these post. Comments will be moderated & may take a little while to appear.

Below are the entries. Please click on them to view or just keep scrolling down.

1. Grapevine socks by ISOBEL

2. Fuego socks by THE SOAPY KNITTER

3. Beaded bag by KNITTEREVANS

4. Jaywalker socks by KNITTINGB

Jaywalker socks by JULIE HENTZ

6. Wee Tiny Sock by

7. Autumn Jewels scarf by SONIA P

8. Lacy Mock Cable socks by TASHA

9. Lightweight socks by TIA

10. Anastasia socks by PEACHY

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