Friday, September 21, 2007


1. Name: Rosi G. aka The Soapy Knitter.

2. Colorway: Ablaze Superwash Sock Yarn

3. Pattern: Fuego Socks by ME!

4. Inspiration: I love the vividness of the color on this yarn. The picture of it in your store is spot on to what it looks like in real life but I have not been able to duplicate the beauty of the yarn in pictures. (you take GREAT pictures!)

5. Problems encountered: I didn't encounter any problems. I loved how the yarn knit up and it wears wonderfully, too. And I WEAR my socks ALOT!

6. Optional: I tried to find a pattern to fit the Ablaze yarn, one that would set off it's color. When I wasn't successful, I decided to design my own. This is my first sock pattern design and I'm PROUD of it!

Feel free to share the pattern with everyone! :)

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