Friday, September 21, 2007

The YARN AHOY competition!

Thanks to all the knitters who sent in beautiful pictures & descriptions!

Voters: Please use the grey vote box titled "YARN AHOY Competiton" to vote. Only one vote is allowed. Please choose carefully.
Please take the time to read the competition details/rules here.

Mozilla Firefox users will find the vote box immediately to the right of the post.
Internet Explorer users will have to scroll down to the end of the page to find the vote box (sorry, Internet Explorer doesn't like the blogger format).

Every entry has it's own special post. Voters/visitors can comment on these post. Comments will be moderated & may take a little while to appear.

Below are the entries. Please click on them to view or just keep scrolling down.

1. Grapevine socks by ISOBEL

2. Fuego socks by THE SOAPY KNITTER

3. Beaded bag by KNITTEREVANS

4. Jaywalker socks by KNITTINGB

Jaywalker socks by JULIE HENTZ

6. Wee Tiny Sock by

7. Autumn Jewels scarf by SONIA P

8. Lacy Mock Cable socks by TASHA

9. Lightweight socks by TIA

10. Anastasia socks by PEACHY

Grapevine socks by ISOBEL

1. Name or preferred handle: Isobel

2. Name of colorway used: Indigg

3. Pattern used or name of your project: The pattern is Grapevine from More Sensational Knitted Socks

4. Inspirations & what drew you to the color: The indigo and purples made me think of full ripe grapes on the vine.

5. Problems encountered (and creative solutions for the same): None: The yarn is a self-striping and using a slip stitch toe decrease creates a faux fair isle effect. I like the pooling around the ankle bone; it creates a definite right and left foot. Eye of Partridge heel, creates the faux fair isle heel, the fit well and the wonderful merino creates a slight springy stretch for comfort

6. Optional: I loved this yarn, it was great to work with, super soft, and the colours were amazing.


1. Name: Rosi G. aka The Soapy Knitter.

2. Colorway: Ablaze Superwash Sock Yarn

3. Pattern: Fuego Socks by ME!

4. Inspiration: I love the vividness of the color on this yarn. The picture of it in your store is spot on to what it looks like in real life but I have not been able to duplicate the beauty of the yarn in pictures. (you take GREAT pictures!)

5. Problems encountered: I didn't encounter any problems. I loved how the yarn knit up and it wears wonderfully, too. And I WEAR my socks ALOT!

6. Optional: I tried to find a pattern to fit the Ablaze yarn, one that would set off it's color. When I wasn't successful, I decided to design my own. This is my first sock pattern design and I'm PROUD of it!

Feel free to share the pattern with everyone! :)

Beaded bag by KNITTEREVANS

1. Name or preferred handle: KnitterEvans

2. Name of colorway used: Sour Berry

3. Pattern used or name of your project: Knitting Pattern-a-day calendar, Koigu beaded bag May 25, 2007

4. Inspirations & what drew you to the color: Reminded me of Sweettarts! I love them!

5. Problems encountered (and creative solutions for the same):
None! I love this yarn!

6. Optional: I did not add as many beads as the pattern calls for.(ex. K1, bead, K1, bead, etc) I actually K3, bead, K3, bead.

Jaywalker socks by KNITTINGB

1. Name - knittingb

2. Colorway - Chocolate and Sour Berry

3. Pattern used - jaywalkers by grumperina

4. Inspirations - I'm a pretty new knitter, and it seems that everyone and their mother has knit this pattern. As for the colorway, I've been drawn to pinks and browns and I loved the vibrancy of yours.

5. Problems - I did not check my gauge, and my first attempt was waaaay too small. Luckily, when it was small was when the pooling was its worst; when I changed needle sizes I liked the striping much more.

6. Anything else - I guess I just haven't been too scared to try new patterns, no matter how much experience I have so far. I've learned a lot in the short time I've been knitting and continue to be excited to learn more!

Jaywalker Socks by JULIE HENTZ

1. Name: Julie Hentz

2. Colorway: OF MY LOVE superwash hand painted Merino Tencel sock yarn

Pattern: Jaywalker Socks

4. Inspiration: I was drawn to this colorway because the socks were for a February
swap (KH Sockintine Swap) and I was sooo tired of winter at that
point! The colors were so nice and springy!

5. Problems encountered: No problems! I had originally started to write a lace sock pattern
with this yarn, but ended up with Jaywalkers because I was so busy at
the time that I needed a simple pattern I could take on the run and
knit during stolen moments!

Wee Tiny Sock by JULIE HENTZ

1. Name: Julie Hentz

2. Colorway: OF MY LOVE superwash hand painted Merino Tencel sock yarn

3. Entry: Wee Tiny Sock

4. Inspiration: I thought this yarn would be perfect for the Wee Tiny Sock didn't pool when I made my Jaywalkers, and I definitely
needed a solid or a multi that wouldn't pool!

5. Problems encountered: It took me three tries to get the proportions right...other than
that, no problems. :)

Autumn Jewels scarf by SONIA P

1. Your name or preferred handle.

- Sonia P

2. Name of colorway used:
Rajasthan (No photograph available)

3. Pattern used or name of your project
- “Autumn Jewels” – The pattern is my own and it is a simple garter stitch, instead of using complex knit patterns for the scarf, thick and thin knitting needles were used to create the pattern. In order to emphasize the color and texture of the beautiful yarn, I decided to underplay the pattern. The yarn was thick & thin and so were the knitting needles.

4. Inspirations & what drew you to the color:
- Mina Kari (enameling on gold jewelry) and the colorful attire of women folk in Rajasthan was what drew me to this eye catching warm colored yarn.

5. Problems encountered (and creative solutions for the same):
- The yarn was a little too thin at certain places and broke, but I used the simple trick of overlapping and it looks great.

6. Optional:
- I am not a knitter, just learned this back in high school. The varicolored exquisite yarn compelled me to pick the needles and just start…and the result is here.

Lacy Mock Cable Socks by TASHA - "bijouxmaster"

1. Name: Tasha - "bijouxmaster"

2. Colorway: Berry Beautiful - I think. This was a gift from a secret pal

3. Pattern: This is the pattern I used (great pattern, btw) - Lacy Mock Cable Socks

4. Inspiration: Secret pal gift but she bought it for me because pink & green are my favorite colors. Honestly, this pair of socks made me fall in love with socks (my 3rd pair)

5. Problems encountered: No problems. They are fraternal twins which I LOVE & the slight pooling that I encountered was welcome

6. Optional: Um, I really don't wing it. I'm a follow-a-pattern kind of girl. The only rules I have in sock knitting is no stockinette plain jane socks & no solid socks. I'll pair a varigated / striped yarn with a busy pattern & that doesn't bother me in the least. No boring socks for me please!

Lightweight Socks by TIA

Name: Tia

The colourway is Mt Vernon Ave.

The pattern I used was from a book by Sandi Rosner (Not Just Socks) and is named *Lightweight Socks*

These socks have only just been finished this minute, and at my daughters request. She is travelling to another city here in NZ to represent her High School in the Basketball Nationals, and wanted a pair of hand knitted socks to show off to her friends!

She chose this yarn out of my stash, and I must admit, as I was knitting it, I wish I hadn't shown it to her. I really want to keep them for myself.

I chose a basic pattern, as I love the stripes to be visible, and not blurred by a pattern.

I did not really encounter any problems while knitting these socks, but as I am fairly new to sock knitting, managing to finish them in time for my daughters trip (this weekend) was a feat in itself.

Anastasia Socks by PEACHY

1. Your name or preferred handle: Peachy

2. Name of colorway used: Old Earth

3. Pattern used or name of your project: Anastasia Socks by MintyFresh (

4. Inspirations & what drew you to the color: Both the color itself, and the description, and the colorway name - old earth just sang to me!

5. Problems encountered (and creative solutions for the same): I didn't have any problems, pattern and color worked together perfectly.

6. Optional: well, I varied the tension in knitting until the pooling color patches (red or blue) were pooling a bit, but nothing serious!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yarn4socks now has Yarnahoy!

My recently completely wholesale order for Yarn4socks is up & selling.
Check them out!

Colorways are:
Gerbera Patch, Streets of Rajasthan, Mount Vernon Avenue, Nouveau Bleu & more.

Thanks Donna & Valerie!

Saturday, September 08, 2007


New sock yarns have been added to the Yarnahoy shop! Both semi solids and solids.

Also check out the Kvik Sock section. The Kvik socks are slightly heavier fingering weight & knit "Kviker"! More colors will be added to this section in the coming days.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The dye pot runneth over.

After close to a 2 month hiatus, my apartment has been seeing some dye activity.
Much clanging rang out last weekend as I dyed up colors I've never dyed before - some variegated & some semi-solids.
I've also been getting a few wholesale orders ready to ship out, so the place has been a sea of yarn lately.
Below are pictures. Sometime this week (or the next) I should be loading pictures onto the Yarnahoy shop. I shall be sending out a mailing list update when I do that.
Meanwhile, below are pictures...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Young light and old light

Light changes all.
These 2 pictures were taken within minutes (& a few feet) of each other.
One's bright & peachy and the other's dark & moody.
It's like when you're with a friend who can't seem to look on the bright side of things when all you see is sunshine.

Yarn sitting on my ancient and battered but very dear floor-loom.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

At long last - a YARNAHOY competition with yarn prizes!

Entries submitted so far:

1. Fair Isle Socks by Isobel

2. Fuego Socks by Rosi G. aka The Soapy Knitter

3. Knitting Pattern-a-day calendar, Koigu beaded bag by KnitterEvans

Jaywalkers by Grumperina (Chocolate & Sour Berry colorway) by knittingb

5. Jaywalker Socks by Julie Hentz

6. “Autumn Jewels” thick and thin scarf by Sonia Punjabi

7. Lacy Mock Cable Socks in "Berry Beautiful" by Tasha Duvic

8. Lightweight Socks in 'Mt Vernon Avenue' colorway by Tia

9. Anastasia Socks by MintyFresh in 'Old Earth' colorway from Peachy

- All entries will be uploaded on the 24th of Sept 2007

OK folks! Here's a little competition for anyone who may have used Yarnahoy yarns.
Send in jpeg images (to of projects made from Yarnahoy yarn (sock or lace) with:

1. Your name or preferred handle.
2. Name of colorway used: if you don't remember the colorway, I'll be happy to help you find it.
3. Pattern used or name of your project: if these patterns are your own or you bought them, the name is enough (please give due credit to the original source). If you want to share your own pattern- send the whole thing in!
4. Inspirations & what drew you to the color: these could be places, food, people, books/stories and songs.
5. Problems encountered (and creative solutions for the same):
Example 1 - the yarn pooled at the start & you made intelligent adjustments to the number of stitches cast on to alter the pooling to a more even or different appearance.
6. Optional: Any additional info related to the project that sets you apart as a knitter who can 'wing it' & be creative like it was second nature!

There will be 1 First place & 1 Runner up!
-- The 1st place wins any 3 skeins of any 3 colors (or one color if they want) from the charts shown below.
--The runner up wins any 1 skein from the charts shown below.

Important Criteria:
The photos should be clear. I will take them all but please realize that voters can't see the real thing & the better your photo, the better your chances at winning!
Clear/concise descriptions are also helpful.
Other criteria may be added for the ease of handling entries.

Entry submission, display & mailing timelines:
Upto 2 entries maximum allowed by all those participating.
Send in entries anytime starting today. However, the submission date ends on midnight of September 20th 2007 (EST). No entries will be accepted after that. The entries will go up on this blog on the 24th of September 2007 - that's when the poll box for voting will be placed on the blog. Results will be declared on the 15th of October 2007 - voting will stop on midnight of 14th October 2007 (EST).
Prizes will be mailed on the 29th of October 2007.

Judging process:
People will vote! Everyone gets to vote only once - so choose carefully. Anyone can vote. This includes visitors, friends and family. A poll box for voting will be placed on this blog with headings of entries & names/handles of artists. Votes will be anonymous. Comments on/about all entries, are welcome and could help voters make a better decision but comments will not count as votes! Only the poll box can be used to vote.

Disclaimer - please read:
Please be aware that this competition will be part of a general creative exchange. Many visitors will see your entries on display and will be allowed to comment/vote on them (these comments will be moderated for offensive content).
Yarnahoy is not responsible for the images sent in by others or descriptions displayed on the competition post. Please give due credit to the creator of the patterns/designs if they are not your own. Copyright is your responsibility.

If you find your image/description has descrepancies, it's your responsibility to send me a corrected version. I shall not be modifying any of your submissions - only uploading them.
Color choices available for winners are only from the charts below.
The decision of voters using the poll box on the blog will be final- comments do not count as votes - only the poll box can be used to vote.
Timelines specified are final.

Color Charts are below. Click on the charts for a larger image.
Yarns reproduced for the winners may have slight variations from images (since they are handpainted). The first 3 charts are for sock yarns, the next 3 are for lace yarns.
Questions? Email me at

3 charts below are for sock yarns.

3 charts below are for lace yarns.